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Valerie began studying Chinese internal martial arts in 1995 with New York Internal Arts, training in Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Qi Gong.

Since 2001 she has traveled to China numerous times to train with masters Song Zhi Yong (Shanxi Xing Yi), Gao Ji Wu (Beijing Gao Family Ba Gua Zhang), Zhang Hua Sen (Liang Zhen Pu Ba Gua Zhang) and Zhao Da Yuan (Liang Zhen Pu Ba Gua Zhang, Qin Na). In 2014 Valerie became a disciple of Song Zhi Yong, and is Master Song’s only disciple outside of China.

Today, as a certified instructor of Ba Gua, Xing Yi and Qi Gong with New York Internal Arts, Valerie teaches in New York and France with her husband, Tom Bisio. She is also editor and contributor to the Internal Arts International website.

Valerie has also been intricately involved with helping document and share these rare and effective training methods through collaborating in the production, editing and photography for both NYIA’s online learning series and a number of books about Chinese internal martial arts including:

The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang (2007) by Gao Ji Wu and Tom Bisio
The Attacking Hands of Ba Gua Zhang (2010) by Gao Ji Wu
Xing Yi Quan: Tu Na Si Ba (2014) by Song Zhi Yong
The Xing Yi Quan of Master Li Gui Chang: Wu Xing & Lian Huan (2017) by Song Zhi Yong
Practical Qin Na Volume 1 (2016) by Zhao Da Yuan
Practical Qin Na Volume 2 (2017) by Zhao Da Yuan
Ba Gua Nei Gong Volumes 1-6 (2014-2015) by Tom Bisio

NYIA Online Learning:
Foundational Ba Gua Zhang (2014)
Intermediate Ba Gua Zhang (2016)
Xing Yi Nei Gong (2016)
Six Healing Sounds (2017)



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