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Master Class in France

Just taught my first Master Class in France, an absolutely wonderful experience! Thanks to an invitation by DivinGospel Music and L’Atelier Gospel, in cooperation with Chalet de la Voix, on April 30, 2016 I spent a fabulous afternoon with vocal students in France.

In addition to singing with everyone, it was incredible to teach in French for the first time. As we reviewed breathing exercises, vocalizing & ways of pronouncing American vowel sounds, the students helped my French pronunciation. Then together as a group we sang Show My Love,  with all the harmonies and overlapping parts – a beautiful cross-cultural exchange & discovery. At one point someone spontaneously began singing the classic This Little Light Of Mine, so we worked on that too. We all tried something new!


Students practicing breathing exercises with Valerie Ghent. Photo: Magali Ponsada

An afternoon like this one, so warm and filled with creative energy and joy, reminded me yet again of the power of music, how strongly we connect with one another when we sing together, in any language!

Un grand merci to all the students, and especially to Magali Ponsada & Benjamine Girolami for welcoming me with open arms. Looking forward to more!


Magali Ponsada & Valerie Ghent at Chalet de la Voix, Cabriès, France.

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