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“….Ghent takes the listener on a picture-perfect walk through a flawlessly produced wall of sound….”

New York-based writer/performer/producer Valerie Ghent is heading directly against the currents of today’s trends on her independent debut release, Unstoppable.
While many artists are trying to create a lo-fi, flawed sound (and consequently spending many times their budget to appear “chic”), Ghent took the reverse tactic – focusing her limited budget while yearning to make every note and instrumentation sound perfect.

Evoking comparisons of a soulful Nu Shooz – really! – Ghent takes the listener on a picture-perfect walk through a flawlessly produced wall of sound in which all keyboards, lead vocals, sampling and drum programming was performed by Ghent herself.

The standout track is probably “Truth”, which chronicles the tragedies which befell the citizens of World War I Russia by Josef Stalin – and opens with Valerie’s mother vocalizing in Russian “Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again.” “Justice” has a swinging cabaret-feel to the song, with Ghent sounding like a younger Liza Minelli, and most of the other tracks echo a similar R&B/pop feel which dominated the scene in lesser forms years ago, but has been largely ignored today.

Ghent is no newcomer to the music scene – her resume includes performing with Dizzy and the Romilars (who opened for Depeche Mode on their first ever New York City gig), Nursery School (who landed a top 30 hit on the dance charts) and touring with Debbie Harry. These credentials probably helped her land prominent behind-the-scenes musicians such as Knox Chandler of the Psychdelic Furs to contribute on other instrumentation.

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