t@p music plug: “A One Woman Show”

“…a smart woman in a crafty business.”

Valerie Ghent

reviewed by em hedge

Valerie is amazingly accomplished, not only as a performer, but as a composer, producer and computer programmer. Though you might not recognize her name, her bio reveals deep entrenchment within the established music world: her first band opened for Depeche Mode‘s first show in the States; she studied the Synclavier Direct-to-Disk system for four years under British record producer Mike Thorne (who also worked with the likes of Soft Cell, ’til Tuesday, and Bronski Beat); since the late 80’s she’s worked with Grayson Hugh, Deborah Harry, The Communards, Laurie Anderson, John Cale, Siouxie and the Banshees, Defunkt and most recently Ashford & Simpson – just to name a few.

What all this means is that Valerie Ghent is no newcomer to the music business, and that is the way her music should be approached and listened to…Valerie’s work is so different from the demented wailing of today’s Top 40 that it almost leans toward easy-listening; it isn’t until you know of this woman’s experience (and expertise) that her whole style comes together as a cumulative picture of years of behind-the-scenes work. It’s her first solo statement of all that she’s learned from being a smart woman in a crafty business.

I think the opening paragraph of her bio sums it up the best:

“The story behind Valerie Ghent’s debut album, Unstoppable, is a capsule chronicle of the New York underground music scene. It’s the story of a talented woman in a historic time, of musicians recording, regrouping and reflecting the multitude of influences and stylistic changes that come naturally as a legendary music scene evolves.”

T@P Jan 29th, 1997

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