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I’m Calling is a beautiful piece of music by NYC recording artist Valerie Ghent & renowned dan tranh master Tri Nguyen. Written by Valerie’s father Emmanuel Ghent in 1967, this deeply evocative arrangement combines Valerie’s ethereal voice with the Vietnamese dan tranh, creating an almost otherworldly experience. Very few artists play dan tranh in the authentic traditional style today. Tri Nguyen is one of the last dan tranh masters.


Valerie Ghent – voice
Tri Nguyen – dan tranh
Arrangement – Valerie Ghent & Tri Nguyen
Written by Emmanuel Ghent
Published by Persimmon Press

Recording: Frederic Bétin (France)
Mixed by: Valerie Ghent (NYC)
Mastering: Greg Calbi (NYC)
Producer: Valerie Ghent

Cover Photo: Dennis DeNice
Cover Design: Tri Nguyen

Released August 21, 2020
Licensed from Persimmon Press
@2020 West Street Records


“The artistry is nothing less than magnificent… exquisite and compelling!” – Eileen Sherman, 6-10 Productions

“Vocalist Valerie Ghent and Vietnamese dan tranh master Tri Nguyen offer an evocative performance of a work written by Valerie’s father – I’M CALLING….At a time when the world doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, allow these moments of tranquility to provide the balm we all need.” – Grady Harp, August 20 review

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