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I'm thrilled to announce the release of La Table Qui Était Seule, my first French chanson. Born in the atmosphere of the first confinement, in 2020,

Just added! Excited to play in beautiful Hyères in the Place de Republique for the official "Blanches Nuits" (White Nights) of summertime in this beautiful

My mother spent many years of her life composing and arranging The Angel, yet her musical career goes back to her childhood in Paris and

I am delighted to announce the release of The Angel, a classical cantata written by my mother, violist Natasha Gudkov Ghent, in a performance that

Listen to Online, our new single and my first collaboration with Italian rap artist the Bumo Sugo on his debut album, Off Wrld. A year ago

Love Enough for a Lifetime (Radio Edit) by Valerie Ghent Welcome! here is your free download of Valerie's hit song, Love Enough for a Lifetime. Stay connected with

Some people enter your life and become so much a part of it you don't realize how you count on them to always be there.

I'm delighted to announce my new single with renowned dan tranh master, Tri Nguyen. "I'm Calling" is a beautiful song my father, Emmanuel Ghent, wrote

Even with an ocean between us, and a stay at home order, we can still groove together. Each musician - one live take! NYC recording artist

People tell me they love when I sing these ballads! So I just made a playlist of Love Songs for you! ❤️🙏🎤💗 Enjoy! Follow me on

A great light has gone out in Paris. My beloved, remarkable cousin, Dimitri Vicheney has passed away at age 96. I am heartbroken. We spoke

Valerie Ghent plays live for NYC Hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients on June 8, 2020 with new concert series, "MUSIC FOR THE SOUL OF NYC:

Today, May 15, 2020, would be the 95th birthday of my father, Emmanuel Ghent. As I was thinking about my father, his music and his

Art connecting the world & supporting healthcare heroes! After seeing my rainbow photo on Twitter a few weeks ago, an artist in the UK named