Feel the Music! is a 501c3 nonprofit organization Valerie founded in 2005 to bring music and art to children, families and adults impacted by trauma, loss and illness. Originally created to serve the 9/11 community after her own experience as a WTC volunteer, Feel the Music! has since grown to serve hundreds of families, children and adults in hospitals, public schools, senior centers and an international program for teens impacted by terrorism.

We know music heals. We see it every day – the power of music to positively impact lives. There is no more important work than restoring the soul after trauma, and the arts do this intrinsically, both by encouraging creative self-expression and by creating community.

Visit feelthemusic.org to learn more about what we do and why – how we bring together world-class musicians and artists with children and families through a wide variety of workshops, concerts, recording sessions, art exhibits, summer retreats and more. Witness the extraordinary results!

Support Feel the Music! – help us bring the joy of making music where it’s needed most.