WTC Benefit CD by FDNY, PAPD, WTC Volunteers & NYC Musicians

Release Date: May 20, 2002
Produced by Valerie Ghent
© 2002 West Street Records

Songwriter’s Stories, Song by Song

Because space in the CD liner notes was very limited, Val asked each artist to relate:

– a short story or personal account of why their song was written
– thank you’s & acknowledgements
– dedication if desired

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The Story Behind the Signatures on the WTC Panoramic Poster:

How Everen T. Brown’s WTC Panoramic poster came to be signed by first responders, and how the signed poster became the cover of “We’ll Carry On”.
The now famous photo became the World Trade Center Panoramic Poster Project – A view from the top of the World Trade Center, January 1st 2001. 

Click HERE or the title above to read Everen’s story.


‘word’ is the complete collection of lyrics & poems presented at the Songwriter’s Beat 9/11 Tribute Concerts on March 11, 2002 and March 25, 2002 to commemorate the tragic events of 9.11.2001. Sixteen of the songs were later included on the We’ll Carry On CD. Word is available HERE as a .pdf download.

Read The Making of We’ll Carry On

Lyrics for We’ll Carry On HERE

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WTC Benefit CD
by FDNY, PAPD, WTC Volunteers & NYC Musicians Track Listings

1. Tomorrow by Hughie Lynch (FDNY Squad 1)
2. Hole In The Sky by Marc Blatte/David Patillo
3. Weight of the World by Eric Milano/Chris Pickford (FDNY Engine 201)
4. The Men by Norma Hardy (PAPD)/Valerie Ghent (WTC GZ Relief)
5. There Is A Light by Greg Parr (FDNY Engine 58)
6. Waiting For The Snow by Ann Klein
7. Where Is God by Leni Stern
8. Engine 73 by Kathleen Pemble (FDNY Engine 73 spouse)
9. Sacrifice by Tom Ferranola (FDNY Engine 167)
10. Whatcha Gonna Do? by Stanley Brown
11. Hope by Elisa Peimer
12. Fly Our Flag High by Chris O’Brien (son of retired Firefighter Chris O’Brien Sr.)
13. Sanctified by Elizabeth Jordan
14. All American by Larry May
15. The Word Is Love by Rosalinde Block (Volunteer for FDNY)
16. We’ll Carry On by Valerie Ghent (WTC GZ Relief)