16 songs written and performed by firefighters, police officers and WTC volunteers who worked at ground zero after 9/11; musical styles from acoustic/modern rock, hiphop, gospel, folk, and piano/vocal. 100% net proceeds go to WTC charity. –2002

Because space in the CD liner notes was very limited, Val asked each artist to relate:

– a short story or personal account of why their song was written
– thank you’s & acknowledgements
– dedication if desired

Click HERE or the title above to read their stories.

How Everen T. Brown’s WTC Panoramic poster came to be signed by first responders, and how the signed poster became the cover of “We’ll Carry On”.
The now famous photo became the World Trade Center Panoramic Poster Project – A view from the top of the World Trade Center, January 1st 2001.

Click HERE or the title above to read Everen’s story.

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