Press Quotes:

  • “New York City Streets’ took me straight back to The Crusaders & Street Life… it just has that wonderful vibe and a timeless feel. The video is equally wonderful.” (Sept 22, 2017)
  • Valerie Ghent brings an amazing ode to NYC in her latest music video ‘New York City Streets’ – definitely an anthem for NYC able to crossover into any marketplace.” – (Dec 2017)
  • Ghent’s vocals are timeless.” – NeuFuture (Dec 2017)
  • “Undulating and dynamic, stunning presence on stage…astounding vocal range” Var Matin (France, June 2017)
  • “Valerie Ghent, la Dame de New York – Il est rare de trouver une voix aussi singulière et une maîtrise du rythme aussi pertinente.”- La Marseillaise (France, June 2017)
  • One of the most satisfying collections of a broad spectrum of vocal music to come along in a long time. Superb on every level – something for absolutely everyone! – Grady Harp (Oct 21, 2016)
  • “Valerie Ghent is a True Rock Star at Joe’s Pub” – NY Cabaret Today
  • “Electric! This band and vocalist set the room on fire! Ghent, herself, is a vocal phenomenon. She has the professionalism and rippling, effervescent energy of a top pop/rock star.”  NY Cabaret Today
  • New York City Streets” Luther meets Ashford & Simpson with a driving piano lead, bringing back those inimitable Chic and Luther Vandross moments in the super-slick hook, supported by a cool horn section. A real gem!Gina Loves Jazz (Germany)
  • “Highly recommended, this R & B discovery! …Valerie proves she is master of her craft.” Keys and Chords (Netherlands)
  • An artist to follow and discover without delay….soul- funk groove that reminds us of the heyday of Lisa Stanfield. LA West Coast Radio (France)
  • Ghent is a complete artist who knows how to play, sing, compose and produce without missing one part…A genuine talent…Enthralling and engaging…very refined soul with excellent contributions of the musicians. Music Zoom (Italy)
  • “Muse: Ethereal Invocation, Indigo Blue: Her songs sound like ancient folk ballads, indigo odes of love and longing, pain and gratitude, invocation of grace. – Woman Around Town
  • A tapestry of songs….universal and stirring, arrangements are singular, musicianship couldn’t be better.” – Woman Around Town
  • Day to Day Dream: “A fantastic new record…a musical mix from a groovy singer-songwriter. Get into it ASAP. ” – Pens Eye View
  • “Ghent sings from the guts. Her contralto rises with the smooth momentum of something out of NASA.”– Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town
  • “Awesome songcraft and performances…a perfect showcase for Ghent’s chops as a pianist and for her tremendous vocals.” – BallnRoll
  • “The quality of Ghent’s repertoire makes this CD such a success, from the funky Wheels on a Train which opens the album, to the stripped bare ballad, Show My Love, which closes it.” – Soul Bag Magazine (France)
  • “Valerie Ghent, the Queen of Blues, Funk and Soul has a new album. Every track on this album is a keeper. The album is a complete expression of the artist, and this is one expressive artist.” -Bearly Rambling
  • “the strength of Ghent’s spirit and intellect shines bright” – Keyboard Magazine
  • “The woman behind the music is Valerie Ghent, a professional musician and native New Yorker, who volunteered at ground zero – and somehow, amid thick smoke and choking dust, found a way to shine.” – Katie Couric, CBS News
  • “The way the activist and the artist come together seamlessly for Ghent is reminiscent of singer/songwriters from the 60s and 70s.” –  New York Press
  • “For Valerie Ghent, music is a constant.” – The Villager
  • “A spirit of self-reliance and exuberant creative freedom.” – Music Direct


“Wow, Val! Your version of “Supernatural Thing” made me break out in little bitty green spots AGAIN. EEEeeeeee! Thank you for having covered my song! You get my vote as well as the vote which I am sure my co-writer Gwen Guthrie would have given you.

Your performance makes me come out of reclusion long enough to convey: I got unspeakable pleasure seeing you FEELING the “Cosmic Fever” which Gwen & I felt as we wrote Supernatural Thing. Thanks for your interplanetary interpretation! Great band, too! From the depths of my heart, thank you again.

– Haras Fyre songwriter, Supernatural Thing

I loved the sound in this music track, very upbeat, good workout music, great way to start your day with coffee music. Her singing this song reminds me of a female version of the uk group Jamiroquai which is very popular for the funk groove, and from looking at her videos she also has a beautiful presence that i could see her on the silver screen as well acting. Keep up the excellent work. (Get Funkay review –

Real Music with Touch – “Love your voice, silky and very expressive. Unique music! Not the run of the mill stuff that’s coming out nowadays, but real music with touch. Keep on making great music!” 

GR8! Listening 2 Supernatural Thing never gets old―it’s like you fused best of the last 40 yrs of R&B, soul & jazz into 4 min!

@ValerieGhent #SUPERNATURAL perfect blend of #70sFunk meets @SadeOfficial #sweetestTaboo #soulful as @amywinehouse #theTRUTH

When your world erupts in chaos and it all feel beyond control . . breathe deeply and listen to @ValerieGhent


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Press on Val’s Nonprofit Projects:

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Valerie Ghent Press Archive:

featuring articles from the NY Times, CBS News with Katie Couric, Keyboard Magazine, Billboard and more. Click title above or HERE for full archive.

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