ASCAP Grant Renewed for 2014!

Am thrilled to announce The ASCAP Foundation renewed my grant for Songwriter’s Beat in 2014!

Thanks to ASCAP we can continue to offer songwriting workshops (FREE for ASCAP members) and provide support for ASCAP writers who perform at Songwriter’s Beat in 2014.

What is Songwriter’s Beat? In 2000 I founded a monthly acSongwriter's Beat logooustic concert series for performing songwriters, to support & encourage songwriters in their creative process and to cross-pollinate artists and new audiences. Since then, over 370 songwriters have performed on our Songwriter’s Beat stage, premiering hundreds of new songs.

Why Songwriter’s Beat? As a recording artist, a performer and as a songwriter, it has always felt important to me to support one another within our music community. As more venues close, leaving fewer opportunities for songwriters to hone their craft, it is more critical than ever before. Hence, no matter how busy my own music career, I feel it is crucial that we reach out to one another, listen to one another, encourage one another. Give our fellow artists and musicians what we need ourselves as artists – a creative space for our music to be heard!

On behalf of all Songwriter’s Beat songwriters & our audiences:

Thank you ASCAP!

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