CONTEST: Guess the name of my new single!

That’s right! My new single is a cover song. Can you guess the title?

Guess the name of the song and win a signed, physical copy of the single!

The first 3 people to guess correctly* will be mailed a signed, physical copy of the single. (*If you played or worked with me on this recording or video, or if you played this song in my band, or if you’re one of the few people who already know…. please don’t give away the title!)

Clue #1 (July 9): This song reached #1 on the R+B charts in the 1970’s.

Clue #2 (July 10): This song was written in collaboration, by two songwriters.

Clue #3 (July 11): A background vocalist on this song was one of the co-writers.

Clue #4 (July 12): Getting specific now! This song reached #1 on the R+B charts in 1975.

Clue #5 (July 13): This song was a big comeback hit for an artist who had hits in the 60’s.

A sixth clue (if needed) will be added on Sunday, July 14th, at 12pm. So check back!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Two ways to guess:

1) TWITTER: Tweet your best guess with the hashtag #ValNewSingle @valerieghent

2) FACEBOOK: Share the “NEW SINGLE” post on my Facebook Music page & comment with your guess!

Feel free to guess more than once – all twitter guesses will be retweeted!

UPDATE: July 11 – So many wonderful song titles have been suggested so far this week I will collect them all & post the entire list when the contest is done! Y’all are the BEST!

UPDATE: July 13 – Someone already guessed the song this week (not saying which day!)….we just need two more people to name it!

This is first for me, to record a song written by someone else, am really excited for you to hear it!

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