Day to Day Dream on NBT Music Radio (Germany)


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NBT Music Radio (Germany) has been a strong supporter of my music this year, and for that I am very grateful.

But even more important is that NBT Music Radio supports hundreds of independent musicians, showing every day that indie artists can match, and often surpass, the quality of music created by major artists. The wide variety of music that NBT plays throughout the day, night and within each show is refreshing and inspired.

NBT is currently playing my music in heavy rotation on:

Mood Swing Cool Club: 9 PM Berlin / 3 PM New York / 8 PM UK

and in lighter rotation on:
Mirrorball Sessions: 10 PM Berlin / 4 PM New York / 9 PM UK

as well as plenty of times during various timeslots during the entire 24 hour stream.
(Click either show name or pic above to listen!)

I listen to NBT Music Radio regularly and LOVE it! Here’s an NBT playlist that took me totally by surprise: my song “Phased” between Thelonious Monk and Bill Frisell. WOW!

Check out, listen to & support NBT Music Radio!

NBT philosophy: “Every hour on NBT Music Radio has FIVE hours of tunes crammed into it – so every day is different and all the artists get a fair shake. Please DO get on and listen and SUPPORT all the other independent/unsigned artists we play, who as we prove everyday, can feature next to a well known star and be just as good (most times BETTER) creatively and production wise.”

Thank you NBT! You’re the BEST!

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