French CD Release: “Buddy” on BLUESUP #2 Compilation

Exciting news! A new version of my song “Buddy” is now available on the French CD release, BLUES’UP #2, released by BluesUp Independent.

This version has HORNS!!

Have a listen:

How “Buddy w/ horns” came to be:

At the CD release party for my Day to Day Dream CD, trumpet player and dear friend Steven Bernstein came up to me and said “I know the CD is out, but you have to put horns on BUDDY!!”

I was blown away by the horn part! Steven was so right, Buddy took on a whole new set of colours and buildup with live horns. So even though the CD was done, we went back in the studio and recorded the horn part, with Steven on trumpet and Paul Shapiro on sax. I added the horns to the mix (amazing what we can do these days!), re-mastered the song with Greg Calbi and voila…. “Buddy with horns” came to life! And Steven you were ABSOLUTELY right – horns make ALL the difference!

Now, for the very first time, you can listen to & order the brand-new version of Buddy (w/ horns!) through French indie label & association, BLUES’UP.

The entire BLUES’UP CD is fantastic – it’s already gotten a great review from the Mauritius Blues Society – and am truly honored to be included alongside 13 wonderful artists from France, Senegal, the UK and the USA. This compilation is a great representation of blues-based music from around the globe. I know you’ll love it!

Check it out! ENJOY!

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