Marseille here we come!

So happy to play in Marseille for the 3rd time this year!
Twice in January and now we’re coming back again in December,
at Espace Musical Hyperion Mairie 4e & 5e.

Returning to the beautiful part of the world where VELOURS was born!

valerie-ghent-hyperion-2016-dec-webValerie Ghent Live in Marseille
Thursday 1 Decembre

Espace Musical Hyperion Mairie 4e & 5e
2Bis Avenue du Maréchal Foch
Marseille, FR
+33 4 91 49 27 88

avec: Jérôme Buigues – guitare, Philippe Jardin – batterie
François Gomez – basse, Pierre Sibille – claviers
Magali Ponsada – voix

See you there!

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