NEW VIDEO: “Run Run Run”

We are delighted to announce the first video from my new album, Day to Day Dream, for the South-African inspired song, Run Run Run.

Produced by Mission 101 Media, the video features colourful & fun imagery, live concert footage from shows at Sugar Bar and the Westbeth Music Festival, and cameos from renowned musician/producer Francis Mbappe.


The song Run Run Run came to me in a dream after touring in South Africa. I literally woke up one morning and the whole song had ‘arrived’. So yes, I wrote the song, but sometimes it feels like it wrote itself.

After recording the basic tracks – with Kevin Johnson (drums), Tinker Barfield (bass) and Robin Macatangay (guitar) – I brought in Francis Mbappe to add his exceptional musicality to the song, and he added background vocals, guitar, bass and percussion overdubs. We then added some final percussion parts laid down by master percussionist Bashiri Johnson – and we were done! I’m also proud to say I mixed this song for the CD.

Valerie Ghent & Francis Mbappe live at Sugar Bar (video still)


The video was produced by the talented Fredy Mfuko of Mission 101 Media. As much as we wanted to, we simply didn’t have the budget to fly to South Africa. So we improvised! Can you guess where we filmed?

Valerie Ghent, Ann Klein, Booker King at Westbeth Music Festival (video still)

We also included video footage from several of our live concerts last year. The band rocked! In different shots you’ll see outstanding musicians Bashiri Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Tinker Barfield, Booker King, Ann Klein, Steve Bill, Gary Fritz, Keith Fluitt, Alfa Anderson, Madeleine Yayodele Nelson, and of course Francis Mbappe and myself.

We had hoped to release this video in the fall, but what with Sandy and my building’s recovery (still ongoing) we simply weren’t in any place to finish it up.

But now….we’re done! And when it’s the right time, it’s the right time!

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on YouTube. ENJOY!

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