Six Healing Sounds Qi Gong: Liu Zi Jue – new class starts Jan 25, 2012

The Six Healing Sounds (Liu Zi Jue) qi gong set is one of the oldest methods of Taoist health preservation exercises in China. Each sound creates a vibration which stimulates and harmonizes the functioning of a specific internal organ and its related meridian. Six Healing Sound Qi Gong has been found particularly effective in breaking up stagnation and blockages to the flow of qi (vital force) and blood in the organs and their surrounding tissues.

The entire set of sounds and their accompanying movements takes about 20 minutes to perform. The sounds can also be practiced seasonally to help the body harmonize with the changes of climate particular to that season. For example, the heart sound releases heat form the body in the summer, and the kidney sound drives out winter’s cold.

In the 1990’s a large research group in Beijing carefully studied and analyzed the Six Healing Sounds, and then conducted extensive clinical trials of these exercises. The researchers found that the Healing Sounds produced significant positive changes in participants blood lipid and blood sugar levels, and lowered blood pressure. Additionally, after the performing the exercises, participants felt more calm and relaxed.

Instructors: Tom Bisio and Valerie Ghent
Location: 440 Studios at 440 Lafayette St. (4th Floor)
Time: Wednesdays, 6-7pm
Dates: Class meets 6 consecutive Wednesday nights: January 25; February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Fee: $175

For more information and to register:

Class size is limited so register early!!

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